Are you having a party?


Thankfully, the walls cannot speak but if they could, they would have a few things to tell us – about conversations that have been held here, beautiful tones intertwined with screaming, singing and laughter during thousands of celebrations that have taken place here for nearly 200 years. AF-borgen equals party for some people and this is something we take very seriously!

For big and small parties

AF-borgen has the premises for both small and big parties, ranging from small dinners to large weddings and balls. Different halls and rooms can also be combined for different forms of parties. For example, Nya Fest and Lilla salen are located next to each other and Athen and Stora salen are nowadays also excellent to combine for a party.

With our own restaurant, experienced service staff and rooms of varying sizes, AF-borgen meets all your requirements for a successful party. If you would like to have a DJ at your party we can recommend DJ Fred, who we have worked with before. Read more about our different rooms and halls to see what suits your party best.

This applies to all parties:

  • Food and drinks are always ordered directly from our own restaurant.
  • You get access to the rooms and halls between 15.00 and 03.00. Balls have longer access.
  • Cleaning is not included. You will get cleaning instructions when booking.
  • Confetti is not allowed.
  • If you want to serve your own alcohol, a special permission is required.

Contact Caroline below for more information and bookings.

Optional technology packages

  • Speakers
  • Mixing desk where you can connect your own computer/phone (3.5 mm plug)
  • Disco lights
  • Speakers
  • 2 microphones
  • Possibility to connect your own computer/phone (3.5 mm plug)

Contact Linda Magnusson for questions regarding technology and larger and more technically complex events.