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AF-borgen is the epicenter of the talent development that student life in Lund contributes to tomorrow’s leadership. In combination with a world-class university, its importance for the region’s recruitment needs should never be underestimated. Keeping AF-borgen in good shape and approved to be filled with events is absolutely crucial, and is done through a non-profit company under the non-profit association Akademiska Föreningen. Without the support of the surrounding community, this is an impossible mission. But what you contribute you will get back in different ways, both today and tomorrow.

Do you want to support AF-borgen? If you or your organization are interested in supporting AF-borgen, there are two ways to do so:

  1. A company or organization becomes a member of the AF-Sällskapet
  2. As a private person, you can simply send a contribution via Swish. Swish your contribution to 1232 68 80 91.


In 2019–2020 parts of AF-borgen underwent a much needed renovation to improve flows, logistics, air, and accessibility.

A new large elevator was built, with entrance from Georg Karlin’s square.

A new stage, Gustafscenen, has been built on the ground floor and has replaced the former Konsertsalen. It has its own foyer and back spaces and allows Lund’s Student Theatre and VarGladspexarna to have rehearsals and performances without having to share spaces with Stora salen.

Stora Salen with its stage and back spaces has undergone a major and long-awaited renovation and is now linked with Athen through a new grand staircase. You will still recognize it but there are now new toilets, airier foyers and better accessibility.

The ventilation has been given a real boost, sprinklers have been installed in more spaces and much of the furnishings have been updated.

This would only have remained a dream on the drawing board if it were not for the incredibly generous donations AF-borgen received from our main donors. The project is probably one of the largest (if not the largest) donation-funded project in southern Sweden and we are very grateful that our benefactors believed in the idea.

Eternal thanks to our main donors:

AF Bostäder

Alfa Laval

Crafoordska stiftelsen


Lund University

Sparbanken Skåne via Sparbanksstiftelsen Finn

Caroline & Paul Sverdrup

Tetra Laval


Through sponsorship agreements, AF-borgen has linked a number of the largest and most influential companies in the region to itself. As a sponsor, you become a member of the AF Sällskapet.

To secure the investment made in the major renovation of AF-borgen in the early 1990s, the contributing companies formed the AF Sällskapet. The society currently consists of about 30 companies that contribute annually to the preservation of the house through their membership. In return, the members of the society are offered access to premises, help with student-related contacts, participation in various events, etc. The sponsorship agreements are continuously updated in order for AF-borgen to strengthen its role as a meeting place in Lund. The current chairman of the AF Sällskapet is Suzanne Norrby.

Here are five ways you can benefit from your membership, in addition to the benefits of your contract.
1. You are a part of Lund – you give back by taking responsibility for the heart and profile building for Lund’s student life! You can use the house for your own meetings and events.

2. Your brand as an employer is important: through your membership, you support the students’ hub. Share this in your channels. We share your story wherever we can. It is important both for your employees to take pride in what your company does, and to show future employees that you value Lund’s student life.

3. Show your competence We are happy to work together to find ways of combining your support with showing what your company can do while you contribute to the students’ house. Please share in your channels about your contribution to the development of the students’ house.

4. Take advantage of the house’s network. Come to our events and meet both students and others who are active in Lund, with a love for Lund and its student life.

5. The house contributes to the development of committed, sharp and driven talents. Meet them and recruit them! If not as recent graduates, take the opportunity when they want to change jobs. You certainly want to hire those who have the ability to get involved, and here you will find an inexhaustible source of people who get things done. Among those who once were here, those who are here right now, and those who have not yet begun their journey to the education of their dreams.

If your company is interested in being part of an exclusive network with excellent opportunities to meet and present themselves to Lund’s students, contact Freja Davidsson Bremborg at, 046-38 49 06 or 0720-70 25 51.

Here are the AF-Sällskapets statutes.

AF-Sällskapet members:

AF Bostäder

Alfa Laval

Axis Communications AB








Hexiron AB

HSB Skåne


Kudu AB


Lund Cathedral


Mellby Consulting

National Encyclopaedia




Sten K Johnson’s stiftelse

Tetra Pak

Trägårdh Advokatbyrå AB

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