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AF-borgen is the center of Lund’s student life. This is the arena for both large and small events, parties, seminars, poetry readings, group meetings, association offices, stage performances – well pretty much anything that a bunch of creative students can come up with.

AF-borgen has the premises, Akademiska Föreningen offers various forms of support for associations, and the wide range of student activities creates the content.

Stage activities

There is a long tradition of different forms of stage activities within Lund’s student life. Lund Student Theatre and up to eight different spex associations put on at least one performance each every semester. The student orchestra Bleckhornen, the literary magazine Ordkonst, and Lundakarnevalen are also part of the stage activities on Gustafscenen and Stora salen’s stage.

Committees of Akademiska Föreningen with stage activities:

  • Boelspexarna
  • Lundaspexarna
  • LUST, Lund Student Theatre
  • Ordkonst

Associations of Akademiska Föreningen with stage activities:

  • Lundakarnevalen
  • Jesperspexet
  • VarGladspexarna
  • Toddyspexarna
  • Bleckhornen


AF-borgen hosts all major student parties since we have halls for all kinds of parties, both large and small. Special price models apply to student organizations. Akademiska Föreningen subsidizes part of the rent for these parties.

This applies to all student parties:

  • Food and drinks are always ordered from our own restaurant.
  • You have access to the premises between 15.00 and 03.00. Balls have longer access.
  • Cleaning is not included in the rent for student bookings. Cleaning instructions will be sent at the time of booking.
  • Confetti is not allowed.
  • For parties bringing their own alcohol, a special alcohol permit is required.

Contact Caroline below for more information and booking.


Athen is a popular place to study and is open weekdays, Monday to Thursday  9–18 and Friday 9-17 during semesters. During the semester, student organizations can book Athen in the evenings Monday–Thursday for open events such as lectures and information meetings.

Bookings of Athens for public student events are made via Akademiska Föreningen and Anna Töörn,

meetings lund


Student organizations can book rooms for meetings or public events such as lectures, seminars and more. Rent support from Akademiska Föreningen is available and special rates apply to listed student associations.

As a student you have the benefit to book Edilkammaren for your meetings. All bookings have to go through Studentinfo.

Optional technology packages

  • Speakers
  • Mixing desk where you can connect your own computer/phone (3.5 mm plug)
  • Disco lights
  • Speakers
  • 2 microphones
  • Possibility to connect your own computer/phone (3.5 mm plug)

Contact Edil ( for questions about technology at student association events.