Stora salen

Stora salen is without doubt the hall that most people associate AF-borgen with 

AF-borgen’s heart Stora salen is flexible and used for very diverse types of arrangements:

  • Large meetings, fairs, student evenings and conferences
  • Theatre, spex, musicals and concerts
  • Novisch parties, balls, weddings

The balcony with seating for 90 people is mostly used for spex, performances and concerts.

Next to Stora salen is Stora Sparbanksfoajén. The foyer, with its movable counters, is also a great place for mingling before the party.

At conferences, the foyer area is suitable for exhibitions and fairs.

  • Cinema seating 600 people, including + 104 people in the balcony
  • Classroom seating 225 people
  • Dinner table seating 520 people

Optional technology packages

  • Speakers
  • Mixing desk where you can connect your own computer/phone (3.5 mm plug)
  • Disco lights
  • Speakers
  • 2 microphones
  • Possibility to connect your own computer/phone (3.5 mm plug)